What are you reading today?

October 3 rd, 2016

My son and I are reading the latest book by Stephen Pastis. You should try it… It will make you laugh! 😀

February 9th,2015

Here is the newest book series my 8 year old son enjoys reading!

Timmy Failure by Stephan Pastis

What are you reading today? Let Ms. Watkins know.

November 3rd, 2014

Here is one of my favourite books! Try it… I am sure you will like it! It is called Sneetches by Dr Suess.

I have also attached a picture of my son, Harrison, reading one of his favourite books. It is called See under the Sea and is a non fiction book about the sea life off the coast of Hawaii!

What are you reading lately? Have you found a really good book? Stop by my room and tell me about it!


March 10th, 2014

Here is my picture book choice of the week! The Very Cranky Bear written by Nick Bland. It is a very funny story about some friends who try to help a cranky bear.


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